Christmas Facts

Interesting Christmas Sites

- Wikipedia's Christmas Page - Lots of other interesting facts about Christmas can be found here.

- All Things Christmas - Another great site with tons of info on Christmas.

- Christmas Trivia - Lots of Christmas quizzes to test your knowledge of Christmas facts!

- The North Pole - A cool site with lots of Christmas resources for kids.

- Christmas Coloring Pages - A great source of free, printable Christmas coloring pages for kids.

- Christmas Decoration Ideas - Lots of ideas for Christmas decorating indoors and outdoors with lights, trees, and more.

- Holiday Christmas Trees - Christmas trees for your home and family, from artificial Christmas trees and aluminium trees to pre lit and real Christmas trees, plus lights and decorations.

- Glass Ornament Shops - Check out this site for recommendations on where to purchase glass Christmas ornaments.

Christmas Light Sites

- LED Mini Lights - Looking for eco friendly mini lights? Check out this great selection!

- LED Rope Light - Try something different this year and use LED rope light. Not only is it cool, but it will save you money and energy.

- - A terrific site to find all the LED lights you need, in tons of different styles and colors.

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